Welcome to Kulmine

We have been producing cloth pads and pantyliners made out of the best eco-quality cotton and silk for over 20 years – made with love and by hand in the Teutoburg Forest, Germany. 
We stand for a respectful handling of one's own body and respect for each other in a community. Because of this, Kulmine products are free of irritating or genetically engineered substances and plastic. Through this, we also protect forests together, as Kulmines are re-usable for many years. For your well-being, and the environment.

What's new?

New: Pantyliner for men!

Kulmine now offers a new kind of pantyliner for men. The new model is offerend in two varieties and can be used for drops of urin and slight bladder weakness. The feedback so far has been very good! Kulmine for men

Hela for everyone!

Kulmine proudly presents our new popular cutting pattern Hela for use in non-profit pro-jects, in order to enable women to actively create their own menstrual hygiene products. You can support our initiative by spreading the word, passing on the cutting pattern and raising awareness for cloth pads. See all information here To the page

How does it work?

Hygienic and reliable protection, easy to use products

Whether you soak or rinse beforehand or put your Kulmines directly in the washing machine... cleaning your cloth pads and pantyliners is no big thing. For using the products outside of home, even on holidays, we'd like to share some helpful tips with you. Also, how easy it is to adapt our assortment to your specific needs or how to increase the absorption by combining products in your Kulmine stash.

Washing  Combining my Kulmines  Creating my selection

Favourite products

neu im Sortiment, die Farbe Himbeere für alle Produkte erhältlich, berry, pink

New to the product range: the colour raspberry for all pantyliners and cloth pads

Original foldable pads – our multitalent: many-sided use

Kulmine Sets Rabatt 10%

For sets we have a permanent 10% discount (in comparison to individual prices)

Silk pantyliners, with healing and climate neutral qualities

Handkerchiefs and fine cloths for personal hygiene and housekeeping

Don't want to order online? No problem, you can order via post, e-mail or phone.


What do others say?

We always enjoy reading our customers feedback, which show us how important our work is.

“Dear Petra, I opened your package this morning. The energy that's contained in it! I then read in a flyer a comment by a woman called Martina, who found an answer for this phenomenon. She said she personally saw with how much care each product is handled... and that's what they feel like, as if you live your calling for that exact pad or pantyliner. It really lifts the spirit!”

More experiences with our products can be found in our FAQs.