Kulmine can look back on a manifold history, beginning in the 90s – from the drive of the early years, through rocky roads to a large sphere of activity with many enthusiastic customers.

hela halloween

1991 – the first time

Petra Sood and Rosi Weber, of Biogarten, a wholesale for natural food and products, hold cloth pads in their hands for the first time.

1992 – viva las VIVAS!

Both women, together with the team from Biogarten, start developing cloth pads and pantyliners, called VIVAS, and prepare for marketing. This makes them pioneers on the european market.

1993 – Now women have a choice!

Production and marketing begins – with 10 different models. Foldies, and the classic form in silk and cotton. Some of these first models are still used by loyal customers today.

1994 – VIVAS on tour

A lot of energy and money is invested in public relations and stands on countless health and organic fairs.

1995 – friendly takeover

Petra Sood takes over the VIVAS from Biogarten - the two women are still connected through friendship.

1996 – the VIVAS lose

The lingerie company Triumph sues against the name of the VIVAS. Petra Sood is not able to finance the lawsuit for a long time. A new beginning is found under the name Kulmine.

1998 – Kulmine wins...

...attention. Articles are published in the press, radio and television report about Kulmine.

1999 – deserved appreciation

Doctors, midwives and other health practicioners start recommending Kulmine pads and liners.

2003 – a special Gift

After 10 years of Kulmine a friend, who is an IT-specialist, creates the first Kulmine webshop.
Thanks to the internet, Kulmine experiences a lot of growth throughout the following years. Finally, women can find these alternative menstrual products online.

2008 – addition to the family

Amitab Sood works for Kulmine, modernizes the webshop and supports Kulmine on many levels.

2009 – even more support and a switch to certified organic cotton

A lot of people start supporting Kulmine, Mela Kühnlein, designer, invests her free time to create a lovely new dress for Kulmine. Nina Hanefeld inspires and creates new products. This year, the switch to certified organic cotton is also made.

2010 – wings and minis

Kulmines with wings enrich the product line, and by request of young women, the product line is extended to include the mini series.

2011 – healthy colours

Finally, ecologically sustainable and healthwise acceptable dyed certified organic cotton is available for Kulmine.

2012 – rainforest and skin protection

A customer, who is active as a rainforest conservationist, asks Kulmine for a product line extension in form of cotton handkerchiefs. A fitting certified organic cotton satin fabric is found. Also, the first cosmetic pads are created from Kulmine molleton.

2013 – 20 years anniversary and the dragonfly hatches

With many sales and presents for the customers, Kulmine shares its gratitude and joy.
The dragonfly, one of the favourites today, is created by a customer and welcomed into the product range.

2014 – more of the good stuff

As of August 2014, the product range of the pads and pantyliners consists of 25 different models. A new, premium silk is found: Peace-Silk. The product range is extended to cloths for body and household care.
Additionally in 2014 Mela, Nina and Petra implement many long-cherished ideas concerning the shop. A new webmaster appears at exactly the right time, and even more people want to support Kulmine.

2015 – Kulmine goes bilingual

Kulmine took advantage of the silly season to translate our manual with a lot of information and the shop for all of our english speaking customers.

2016 – it’s all about network

New: The foldable Hela now hugs the hearts and slips of our customers! End of May Kulmine participates the first time at the Menstrual Hygiene Day and a how-to for sewing the Hela is released as Freebook.
Then we had the big summer-poll and in fall we switched all our pads and pantyliners from nightblue to nightblack fabric. We contacted many blogs and made new friendships.