4th international day of menstruation – 2017


"I think more about equality of men and women and what it could mean to me now; because we obviously are not the same. Maybe simply more respect would be enough. Kulmine helps me to start doing this with myself."

"With clothpads, I have more of a feeling that the menses is part of my life, that I dont always like but is just part of it and that I can accept it this way."

"I feel so much better physically and emotionally. Now I think of my cycle as something exciting, I like to observe and experience it. I have become curious and open. Yes, now I like my menstruation, she is a new beginning and a reminder to come to rest."

“Education about menstruation changes everything!”

The motto of this years Mhday is: Education about menstruation changes everything! We think education is connected to the progress of learning. For 24 years, we have taken it on ourself to to share knowledge about the female cycle and menstrual culture. In a lot of our texts and especially with “Kulmine on Tour,” Petra works with the ability of girls and women to be confident about their cycle. Together we question doctrines and habits and find new and independent ways to handle menstrual blood.
The above quotes show how important the ongoing progress of learning is for a lot of women

We from Kulmine experience the power of the female cycle as something wonderful and like to share knowledge and know-how. This year girls and young women are especially close to our hearts. For them, the cycle is something completly new and they often have to navigate this without supervision – and this in a place like school where they have to spend the majority of their time to learn. Because of this we thought about ways to support girls in our schools.

We wish you joy while discovering our many specials! The full extent of our activities can be found here on Sunday!




Our Gift


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Dear readers,

a lot of the participating projects for the worldwide day about menstruation are (with good reason) focused on countries where a lot of basic work has to be done, like access to menstrual products or toilets. Because there is still still a need for action in our schools, (including primary schools!) Nina Hanefeld from the Kulmine team wants to address the challenges these students and their schools face.
We would be pleased to hear about your progress if you would like to write to us!

Petra Sood and the Kulmine Team

Text package "Kulmine goes to school"

Have you finished downloading the PDFs about the topic "handling of menstruation in schools"?
And now? Choose what you need and print it!
The moonblood manifest can be used as inspiration in your circle of friends or can be hung up in school toilets to inspire fellow pupils. The impact of the text package is highest when all participants are equally involved. To this end, the files or printed pages can be passed on to: teachers and head of schools, parents, and students.




The Moonblood Manifest

The cycle is female.
The moonblood is female.
It brings us close to the miracle of nature
and is a sign for fertility.
The cycle makes us strong.

We say Yes to our cycle
and Yes to our menstrual blood.
We can share our knowledge with other human beings:
girls and women, boys and men
and find words for
all that is usually wrapped in silence:
moods during the cycle
products to collect the moonblood
pain and how to prevent pain
support with bloodstained clothing
strengthening of the female organs

What can have a positive impact during the moontime:
rest or movement
magnesium and ginger
attention that we give ourselves and that is given
warming things to drink and to put on our belly
relaxing techniques

When we share what is needed
like mindfulness
menstrual products
something protective to wrap around the hips
and everything that relieves pain,

solidarity can develop.