We humans are part of this world. While nature around us is influenced by mankind we are dependent on it just as much. Flora and fauna are providing what people need to live and hence deserve our specific protection.

Many people are aware of it, but don’t know how to live by it. Our living environment was changed widely through economisation and mechanisation within the last decades and was submitted to criteria of efficiency. Inner values and love to nature were sacrificed for outer appearances, mainly while tabooing the inner. Thus the isolation of the individual was driven forward, while at the same time many people felt the desire for natural and holistic approaches increase. This trend affected and still affects women in particular.

We are able to feel connected again, when we start to experience the female cycle, giving birth, menopause and age as the natural phenomena they are. We are able to get inspired by our body and its natural force and learn to appreciate it. The female cycle has the ability to delight as well as to awestruck. It is different for every woman and hence a very special experience each and every time. By using Kulmine cloth pads we are refining our loving appreciation for our body, while creating more comfort than would be possible with disposables. We can get into direct contact with our body and its cycles instead of regarding it as a secretion process.
By increasing our attention towards the cycle with everything that goes with it, a feeling of power and calmness will spread, resulting in a new sensational feeling of femininity.

Kulmine offers a holistic alternative for conventional products and we are acting according to our philosophy in all production steps: regarding human relations, ecological and health aspects. Every user of cloth pads and pantyliner contributes to the protection of our environment. Thus our products are valuable for the individual as well as for the environment. Relationships between body, mind and soul are not longer regarded as disturbing but will be strengthened

Yours, Petra Sood and her team