The many benfits of Kulmine

Washable pantyliners and pads made out of cloth? Even though our grandmothers were happy when they got disposables, and didn't need to wash their menstrual products anymore? At the beginning we were also reserved, but the advantages speak for themselves. Today many women are enthusiastic about Kulmine products and enjoy using them.

Skin tolerant and comfortable

  • pure natural cloth made out of Eco-Cotton (kbA, certified by IVN Best) or Silk (kbt, Peace-Silk)
  • soft and protecting on the skin
  • no problematic chemical additives. The material and the dyes conform with the highest standard worldwide for ecological natural fabrics.
  • naturally breathable and temperature balancing. Due to this Kulmines are better at preventing bacterial and yeast infections than many convential menstrual products.
  • malodour, sweating, itching, allergic reactions and infections almost always disappear once you start using Kulmines.

Ecological and sustainable

  • long-living and economical: we use premium-quality fabric and have an elaborate manufacturing process, due to this our Kulmine cotton products last 5-15 years when regularly used. Concerning our new silk, please read our hints.
  • eco-friendly: from production to sale, hardly any material waste is produced. All materials are biodegradable.
  • caringly and professionally handmade in our family company in Osnabrück, Germany.
  • your products are sold directly from the producer.
  • more detailed information can be found in material and production.

appreciative and caring

  • Our products give each woman the opportunity to rediscover their bodies beyond externally dictated taboos. Instead of distance to the processes occuring in the female body, there is closeness and appreciation. This is a development that Kulmine customers not only explain as a better wearing comfort but also an increase in self-esteem and physical feeling.
  • The use of Kulmine products contributes in orienting yourself towards natural occurences and if possible living in harmony with them. This can help women (and men) to obtain and preserve health and vitality.
  • Detailed information can be found in Philosophy.

reliable and convenient

  • Kulmine cloth pads and pantyliners are as absorbant as comparable single-use products.
  • They stay put in well-fitted cotton underwear, without slipping out of place. The individual selection of products allow for a good fit in all types of underwear
  • Kulmines with wings also fit well in wider or synthetic underwear.
  • Cloth pads and pantyliners are always available in your home, you won't run out of them at the wrong time.
  • There is a large selection of products for different wants and needs.
  • Foldable pads and pantyliners can be folded in different ways, wide or narrow, long or short, thick or thin. When you are out and about you can easily fold a fresh side to the top.

hygienic and easy to clean

  • Washing the pads and liners at 60°C, will make them hygienically clean and bacteria free.
  • Pantyliners that are used throughout your cycle and not during menstruation, don't need any specific maintenance. They can be washed the same way as the rest of your underwear.
  • Blood is normally easy to remove from pads.
  • Detailed information can be found in care and wash.