Models, sizes and materials in comparison

The demands placed on ›pantyliners and pads are as diverse as the everyday lives of the women using them. This is why there is such a wide range of Kulmine models: ›Different textiles›sizes and ›thicknesses provide optimal protection and comfort. Different ›shapes and ›colours ensure that you will always find a good match for your choice of underwear. Our clients especially appreciate the fact that most models and sizes can be combined as required: Find our tipps and tricks under ›care & wash.

The text focuses on menstruation products, but of course, most aspects also apply if you use them as clothing protection or in case of incontinence.


Overview, cloth pad, panty liner, sizes, models

Pantyliners or pads


  • especially thin layers of textile
  • can be worn as a day-to-day clothing protection
  • absorb sweat, vaginal secretion, cervical mucus and drops of urine
  • provide protection in case of light flow
  • cloth pantyliners

These models are only available as pantyliners:

  • models in silk kbT - for sensitive skin or as a luxurious treat
  • model “dragonfly” foldable with wings
  • model “thong” especially for thongs
  • special edition with changing colours


  • different models for days of heavier flow
  • also ideal for slight to moderate incontinence
  • suitable for post-birth vaginal discharge
  • cloth pads

These models are only available as pads:

Different sizes

  • The mini Kulmine liners and pads have a width of approx. 5 cm (2 in) and a length of approx. 16 cm (6.5 in). They are especially suitable for underwear with a slim design.
  • With approx. 7 cm (2.75 in) in width and 20 cm (7.9 in) in length, midi Kulmines are ideal for women with a desire for more protection all around. They have the same absorbing capacity as the mini series. Many women have a selection of both so they can use whatever suits them better on a particular day.
  • With a width of approx. 8 cm (3.1 in) and a length of 22 cm (8.7 in), maxi Kulmines are especially suitable for women with strong flow, for the night and for cases of moderate bladder weakness. Our even bigger sized Kulmine maxi plus foldable can be used in childbed and provides protection for all levels of incontinence.

Although all original Kulmine products are cut to size using templates, deviations can never be ruled out in the manual production process. When washing the products for the first time, 5–8% shrinkage may occur. Please take this into account when considering the sizes.

Absorption strength

Above graphic also contains information on the absorption strength. 

In order to get a better idea, please refer to the explanations below:

as clothing protection or for spotting e.g. when using a menstrual cup or sponge

up to a light flow or as a backup when using a cup or sponge, or in case of mild bladder weakness

up to a light to moderate flow and in case of mild bladder weakness

up to a moderate to heavy flow and in case of mild bladder weakness

up to a heavy flow and in case of moderate bladder weakness

for post-birth vaginal discharge and all levels of bleadder weakness


Different colours

All our textiles are processed without the use of optical brighteners and coloured in Germany in accordance with IVN Best. Click here to learn more about the manufacturing process and the materials used for the Kulmine products.

The unprocessed textiles will especially suit the requirements of purists. All nature models

Stains are virtually invisible on the raspberry and crimson models. All crimson models

By popular request from our customers, we now added raspberry coloured products to our range. All raspberry models

Blue liners and pads are especially inconspicuous with dark underwear. All night blue models

In addition to our permanent range of colours, we offer recurring special editions with different colours, which bring colourful diversity to your personal selection. Please visit our website frequently for updates.

Different shapes

Classic shaped models

  • good adherence in close-fitting cotton panties
  • minimal expenditure of material
  • no visible wings
  • can be easily combined with other liners or pads for maximal absorption (see care & wash for tipps and tricks)
  • our most inexpensive offer
  • classic shaped models

Foldable models, „foldies”

  • good adherence in close-fitting cotton panties
  • can be folded in many ways: Broad, slender, long, short, thick or slim
  • are one of a kind in the cloth pad universe
  • extra inconspicuous – no one will recognise it's a pad or pantyliner
  • ideal for quickly folding the clean, fresh side to the outside – especially when you're out and about
  • foldable models

Models with wings

  • good adherence in any kind of panties
  • protection even at the side of the panties
  • for transportation, the clean side can be folded to the outside and fixated with press studs
  • the mini pantyliners can be twisted at the press stud into a wedge shape so that they even fit tapered underwear such as thongs
  • models with wings

Foldable models with wings, “dragonflies”

  • good adherence in any kind of panties
  • can be folded in different ways: into a long shape with two-layered protection or into a short shape with three-layered protection
  • for transportation, the clean side can be folded to the outside and fixated with press studs
  • models “dragonfly”

Different materials


  • 100% certified organically grown cotton
  • all cotton materials meet the world's highest standard for natural textiles, IVN Best
  • breathable
  • washable up to 95°C (washing at 60°C removes most fungi and germs)
  • can be tumble-dried and ironed
  • approx. 5% (flannel) to 8% (molleton) shrinkage in length after the first wash
  • durability of cloth pads approx. 10 years with appropriate care; shorter durability for pantyliners that are used on a daily basis


  • 100% peace silk from controlled organic livestock production 
  • breathable
  • cooling in the summer, warming in the winter
  • silk supports the natural healing process of itching or painful inflammations and wounds
  • washable up to 60°C (sufficient to remove fungi and germs), wash at 40° or hand wash with mild detergent for optimal durability
  • do not tumble dry, minimum iron!
  • shrinkage of up to 5 cm (2 in) after several washing cycles (depending on temperature)
  • since we switched to controlled organic production material just recently, we cannot assess the durability of the products yet
  • to help you identify our silk products, we marked them with a ॐ. Find out more under material & manufacturing.
  • silk models

Comparison with conventional products

  conventional product Kulmine
Skin compatibility odour formation and allergic reactions, depending on additives used and absorption characteristics breathable, skin friendly, temperature regulating
Quantity of waste 3,600 items in 10 years per person (when used daily) 12 items
Costs running costs once every 5–10 years
Effort purchase, widely available wash, always in stock at home
Body experience distanced, “nappy feeling” attentive, high comfort
Production mostly large corporations Family business in Germany