How to find my selection

Once you have decided in favour of Kulmine, one of the biggest question can be how to create your own assortment. This might be a little challenge considering the various ›characteristics of our products. Apart from the different advantages, there are individual factors to consider, such as the ›pattern of your menstruation, ›size, › underwear you use or ›frequency of washing. This is why we created the following text as a guide for you. If you need further assistance, we will be happy to ›counsel you individually.

In the following text we concentrated on menstrual products. However, most points are also valid for underwear protection or bladder weakness.

Time to experiment

Some women use Kulmine pads right from the start as if they've never used anything else. Others need more time to experiment, to find their own individual best products – and it is worth it to give yourself this time. Experiment without rush, and become convinced by the quality and good protection.

Sample sets

It is a good idea to order a sample set, to use the various pads and then re-order the models you liked best. Our sets are especially economically priced, so you can even save some money with them. Trying the various models might have surprises in store for you – suddenly the pad or pantyliner, for example a foldable Kulmine, you expected to be least comfortable, might be the perfect fit for you.

As an example, here is the “complete set mini” with pantyliners and pads:

Characteristics of our models

Every woman is different. Kulmine appreciates this and offers a wide product range for various needs, personal situations, wishes and preferences. Kulmine liners can be differentiated as followed:

  • pantyliners (mostly as underwear protection) and pads (for menstruation).
  • We have the the following shapes: classical Kulmines, winged Kulmines, foldable Kulmines and the dragonfly and the Hela, which are models that combine the benefits of folded and winged models.
  • Furthermore they vary in size and thickness distinguished into mini, midi und maxi.
  • We offer them made out of certified organic cotton cloth and peace silk.
  • Kulmines from certified organic cotton cloth are offered in natural coloured, crimson, night blue, raspberry and changing special editions. Kulmines from silk kbT are natural coloured

You can read up on the various characteristics on our comparison page. After having gained an overview about the different advantages, let’s have a look at the individual factors that might influence your decision.

Flow pattern

A central question is your flow pattern and how strong it is. At the same time, this is so individual that it is hard to write about – you are your own expert. What might be considered a day with a strong flow for one woman might be considered a day with weak flow by another woman.

Our experience

  • The droplet listing of Kulmines are a good starting point, especially if you already know one or two products and therefore might be able to compare absorbency.
  • If you have experience with disposable pads you can relate the amount of cloth pads needed to the amount of disposable pads used – taking into consideration how often you load your washing maschine.
  • If you used tampons, menstrual cups or sponges before, you might need more trials to find out what you need.
  • If your blood tends to not clean off well from your pads, we recommend our crimson, night blue or raspberry models – they are less susceptible to visible stains. Please also read our washing and care instructions and tips.


During pregnancy, many women need more pantyliners then before, or start using them for the first time. During this special time they want gentle and caring fabric on their skin.

... and childbed

During the post partum period, many women would prefer not to wear any pads at all, but if they have to, then pads made from material that is neutral (such as our certified organic cotton) or even cooling and healing (such as our peace silk) are a good option.
You can combine our Kulmine pads with other liners or put a silk liner on top of a disposable pad.
The night pad maxi+ is designed for nights with a very strong flow, for the post partum period or in case of heavier bladder weakness. Because this pad is especially long you can sleep on your stomach, your back or on your side, and will be protected in all directions.

Midwives recommend cloth pads for the post partum time on a regular basis.

Body size

The belief that your height corresponds to the size of your cloth pads and liners is often not correct.
Petite women often prefer midi Kulmines because they protect the sides of your underwear better. And there are many taller women who are fans of the mini Kulmines, especially in regard to pantyliners.


How often does your washing machine run?

  • Rarely: maximum once a week, then it might be better to have a bigger assortment of pads and pantyliners at home.
  • often: nearly every day, then a smaller Kulmine set will be sufficient.

Your underwear choices

It is worth it to check your underwear drawer before ordering Kulmines and to ask yourself: Which underwear will I be wearing with Kulmines?

  • Many tight fitting panties: You will probably fare well with classic and foldable Kulmines
  • For hipsters, often without a propper middle sewn in, clients often find winged Kulmines to be more practical, even though this kind of underwear tends to be a snug fit. This also applies to loosely cut slips.
  • Panties with a narrow middle: Kulmines with size midi and higher might have trouble staying in place.
  • Panties with a wide middle: a winged mini Kulmine might squeeze the middle part of the pantie together, but this does not have any negative consequence on your comfort.
  • Thongs: We offer the models thong und winged mini, which you can adapt easily with the press buttons in order to obtain a matching form. See also our folding instructions).
  • Lots of black underwear: this calls for night blue pads – they will be less visible.

Personal consultion

Not sure which set or products might be right for you? Did the website leave any questions in regard to handling or care unanswered? Or would you just like to chat about Kulmines before making your final decision? Meet us in our Kulmine chat!

  • If you want to learn more about us you can get a glimpse on the page about the Kulmine Team.
  • We are available on the phone during regular business hours at (049) 0541.1859117.

Meet us

We are personally available in Osnabrück, Wiesbaden, Freiburg, Krefeld and Berlin, and you can look at the various models, sizes and materials personally. For appointments please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Petra Sood, Nina Hanefeld, Mela Kühnline (l.t.r)

Skype: kulmine-chat

Via Skype, Nina Hanefeld, Mela Kühnlein or Petra Sood answer questions in regard to handling and care of your personal Kulmine assortment and beyond, such as questions about menstruation, PMS or other related topics. If you are not quite sure which products are right for you and would like a personal consultation, we will be happy to advise you on skype after scheduling your personal call. You can choose between an audio or video connection. Please make sure before the call, that your connection works properly. A headset is an advantage for audio quality but not necessary.

Even though we love sharing our personal and collected experience in regard to menstruation, PMS and the female cycle, we cannot provide medical advice. The chat does not replace or constitute medical consultation with a doctor or pharmacist and cannot be used as a basis to diagnose, start, change or end treatment of medical conditions. If you have any concerns or questions about your health, you should always consult a physician or other health care professional. Kulmine declines any responsibility for discomforts or damages resulting in the application of the relayed information.